The Importance of Cooking

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Cockles and Spaghetti~ A Healthy Hunger.comOften I hear people say that they dread cooking, or that there isn’t enough time. In this day of ubiquitous processed foods it’s increasingly easy to never have the need to chop an onion. But it turns out that we lose a lot more than we realize when we give up the art of preparing our own meals.

There is magic in the creation of food. There is nothing like taking raw ingredients, and with your own hands, end up with  a sum which is far greater than it’s parts. Additionally there is something so completely soul satisfying in setting steaming bowls before loved ones- so why don’t we partake in it more?

Connecting with Food

When I was a high school student we were required to take home economics. There we learned not only how to cook and bake, but how to be efficient, cost effective, nourish our families and maintain hygiene. There is a lot of responsibility and power in a well run kitchen, and it’s this power and responsibility that we have mindlessly handed over to corporate factory produced foods. As it turns out- corporations are no loving mothers.

In the home made kitchen there is no mystery as to what goes into each meal.  You can control over the quality, quantity and freshness of the ingredients. You also gain a relationship to the food itself. The process of preparing ingredients and then transforming them into a meal gives you an opportunity to appreciate the foods you feed yourself and family. Each meal is a creation, and that creation is born out of love. Cooking feeds your family, and it also feeds your souls.

Power on your plate

Preparing meals does take some time, time that you may not be used to balancing into your day. But stop and think about it, if you were going to give your family time out of your day for love and attention, what could be a better way? Fresh ingredients and your loving touch are transformed into nourishment and magic.

Please give yourself the gift of slowing down. Embrace and enjoy the process of slicing and dicing. Take back the control over the quality of your meals, and with that control of your health.


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