Spring Barley Salad with Herbed Yogurt
04/09/16 by
Barley Salad with Herbed Yogurt- A Healthy Hunger

  Eating well can be this easy. It took one pan to make this barley salad with herbed yogurt. While I am cooking other things I will make a batch of whole grains to eat during the upcoming days. This week it was yummy chewy tummy satisfying barley. Share This:

Breakfast Bests: Gingered Apricots, Toasted Almonds & Drizzled Honey
10/10/14 by

Want to add a little jolt to your morning without caffeine? Try this Gingered Apricot compote on your morning yogurt. Ginger is thought to boost vitality and improve your digestion. Ginger is recommended to those who suffer from motion sickness, or having trouble with bloating and tummy distress. Ginger is also mind clearing due to

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Blackberry, Brown Sugar and Toasted Pecan Yogurt
01/20/14 by
Blackberry Yogurt ~ A Healthy Hunger

  Start with plain non-fat Greek yogurt and add a sprinkling of brown sugar. Let that sit for a moment to get melty. In a dry skillet over medium heat, take a couple of pecans and toast them. This will bring out the gorgeous flavor of the nut and give them a little crunch. Rough

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