Roasted Pear and Sprout Salad : Veggie Inspiration

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Roasted Pear Salad- A Healthy Hunger

Roasting batches of vegetables is part of my weekly meal planning strategy, but what if you haven’t gotten around to that yet? Here is a solution to making a multi roasted vegetable salad, for one or a few, in no time, and with little effort.

There are many wonderful aspects of roasting vegetables. For one thing, it’s pretty darn easy. Have you ever come home from a hectic day and just not felt like cooking? Of course you have! Let’s face it, sometimes you just need to sit down for a bit and regroup after a day of comings and goings. This is where one pan roasting comes in handy.

Drop your bags, turn on the oven and take a breath. 

Pears, red onion and Brussels sprouts ready to be roasted - A Healthy Hunger

On this day I searched my veggie bin and found a few things that were the bits and leftovers. Not enough to make a complete side dish, but combined make a complex and dynamic meal. There were a few Brussels sprouts and half of a red onion. I had a pear on the counter that was, shall we say, more than ready to eat.

Out came a roasting pan which I lined with parchment paper. Then I cut the veg into similar sizes and placed them into a pan. A quick drizzle with a mix of olive oil and balsamic vinegar and a healthy sprinkling of salt. Then it’s just a swift pop into the oven and done.

Now a little time to chill. At this point I might read my mail, do a little puttering, or just sit down for a few minutes of breathing. After 10-15 minutes I gave the veg a peek. Not everything cooks at the same rate, so as things reached their individual gorgeous states I just removed them from the pan onto my plate and slid the pan back in for a few minutes more.

And that’s it. With little effort I am rewarded with caramelized vegetables, rich concentrated with flavor. Toss onto my plate some arugula leaves and a few slices of creamy goat cheese, then season with some of the remaining dressing and poof! Bob’s your Uncle! 

We all know that not every meal has to be a culinary feat, but there is no excuse not to eat deliciously and beautifully- especially when it’s this easy.

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