Handling your New Years Resolutions

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Feeling gassy and sore after your first week of New Years Resolutions? Congratulations on completing your first week of New Years resolutions! You’ve been smashing it at the gym and your lunch bowls get gold stars from any nutritionist on the planet. But wait! Where is that euphoric super healthy glow? Instead you feel achy and stiff like a geriatric, and your bloated tummy is making your pants tighter!!! What I say is BRAVO! and hang in there. You might be asking more than your body can handle right now, but it will adjust.

Are Sore Muscles Bad?

Sore achy muscles are a result of a couple of things. When you exercise your muscles build up lactic acid and the stress may also create micro tears. The result is an inflammatory response as your body repairs itself. Fear not! This is a natural thing and not to be concerned with. As your muscles adapt they will more efficiently use your body fuel and the result is less build up and better metabolism of lactic acid. In the meantime here are the two best things you can do for yourself.
  1. Treat it nutritionally. Be sure that you are drinking more than usual fluids to keep things flushing and circulating. Eating a small carbohydrate, antioxidant and protein based snack right after exercising will help. i.e., a small blueberry smoothie with greek yogurt. This will provide your body with the building blocks it needs to repair and rebuild. Keep it small though so as not to overload on calories. Around 100-200 calories is sufficient.
  2. The Hair of the Dog. You may think that taking a day off is what your body needs, but it is actually better to get your body moving again. Take it down a notch or two if you are feeling super tight, but exercising will increase the bloodflow to your muscles and speed healing. I guarantee as you get moving you’ll feel better. This said, if you are in PAIN (not just soreness), then most definitely rest and seek advice from a professional. If your achy-ness is too much to bear, try a dose of ibuprofin to get some relief and still try and get in some stretching or gentle movement. The next time out keep in simpler super hero.

And What About The (ahem) Gas?

Most likely you are eating far more fiber than your digestive system is used to. That is awesome and I beg you not to stop. It may take a little time but your body will adjust. In the meantime you can try these 3 things.
  1. Sip on peppermint, chamomile, or ginger tea. They have calming affects on your tummy nerves and can reduce irritation and improve digestion. They also add more fluids that your body needs.
  2. Be sure to chew thoroughly. Your tummy will have more success when you chew better. The enzymes in your mouth help to begin the digestive process and by not chewing thoroughly you make more work for your belly. The more time in your belly and digestive tract the more bloating.
  3. Lastly- For Goodness Sakes- Stand Downwind! Seriously, embrace the fact that your body is working properly and give yourself a break, just try and not impact your loved ones any more than necessary while you adjust. Your body will begin to produce more enzymes and microbes to aid in your digestion. Each person is different, so give yourself time and hang in there.
Feeling gassy and sore after your first week of New Years Resolutions? Click To Tweet The final word is I am proud of you! Keep up the good work- it may be awkward and painful now- but it will pay off.

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