The Time Has Come: you need to improve your diet.

You’ve read the magazines, clipped out some recipes, and promised yourself to do better….But at the end of the day-
Gail Watson, MS Nutrition

Gail Watson, MS 

  • Does it all seem just too overwhelming?
  • Do you get confused about which nutrition trend to follow?
  • Do your eyes glaze over at the supermarket?
  • Do you ever think healthy eating is too expensive?
  • Does it all just feel like too much work for so little joy?
  Like you, I really love food. Eating is an important part of our lives and there is nothing like looking forward to a delicious meal. Well, I am here to tell you that you CAN eat nutritiously and deliciously too.

I make it easier for you

I combine my years of experience in the gourmet food world with my education and skills as a Nutritionist to create beautiful and delicious food that is also nutritionally balanced. It is my mission to provide you with the skills and tools for you to transform bright fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and meats into easy to prepare gorgeous exciting meals. We all lead busy lives, and not even the best of us eat perfectly all the time.  I am here to help you add healthy cooking to your life with as little effort as possible, and feel great about it. Each week I create healthy, nutritionally balanced menus that will get you feeling happy and your body feeling good. I designed a coded shopping list that you can take right to the store. This will show you exactly, and only, what you need to purchase- saving you time and money. The recipes are written in detailed, simple to follow directions, so you can prepare your meals with confidence. ahhdue

 Is this for you?

Many people come to me who have been directed by their doctor to get their health on track. They might have high cholesterol, high blood sugar, or need to lose some unwanted weight. Many others have been diagnosed with Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes, Heart Disease, Metabolic Syndrome or other health concerns. After getting the bad news, the first feeling is dread, and then comes the confusion as to where to sone Making changes in your diet is a powerful way that you have control of to improve your health. Cooking at home is proven to be the best way to accomplish that. Because we all live very busy and different lives, I have created several different menu plans to fit your needs. Click on the button below to find the plan which is best for you.

And there’s more

When you join one of my plans you will automatically become part of the Inner Circle. I will be sending you periodic newsletters with Tips and Resources to make your healthy lifestyle easier to manage, the latest in Nutrition news so you can understand it, tips on how to cook like a pro, simple lifestyle hacks to make your healthy lifestyle easier and more fun, plus more exclusive content to keep you in the know and on top of your game.  I look forward to showing you how delicious “healthy” can be. I will help you incorporate eating healthy into your busy life, and give you all the tools to make it easy, give you confidence. I will give you ability to take control of your health, feel great about it, and enjoy every bite!   Lets Start Cooking Together   Quad