Spring Barley Salad with Herbed Yogurt
04/09/16 by

Barley Salad with Herbed Yogurt- A Healthy Hunger


Roasted Vegetable Plate - A Healthy Hunger


Eating well can be this easy. It took one pan to make this barley salad with herbed yogurt. While I am cooking other things I will make a batch of whole grains to eat during the upcoming days. This week it was yummy chewy tummy satisfying barley. Continue Reading

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Roasted Pear and Sprout Salad : Veggie Inspiration
03/29/16 by

Roasted Pear Salad- A Healthy Hunger

Roasting batches of vegetables is part of my weekly meal planning strategy, but what if you haven’t gotten around to that yet? Here is a solution to making a multi roasted vegetable salad, for one or a few, in no time, and with little effort.

There are many wonderful aspects of roasting vegetables. For one thing, it’s pretty darn easy. Have you ever come home from a hectic day and just not felt like cooking? Of course you have! Let’s face it, sometimes you just need to sit down for a bit and regroup after a day of comings and goings. This is where one pan roasting comes in handy.

Drop your bags, turn on the oven and take a breath. 

Pears, red onion and Brussels sprouts ready to be roasted - A Healthy Hunger

On this day I searched my veggie bin and found a few things that were the bits and leftovers. Not enough to make a complete side dish, but combined make a complex and dynamic meal. There were a few Brussels sprouts and half of a red onion. I had a pear on the counter that was, shall we say, more than ready to eat.

Out came a roasting pan which I lined with parchment paper. Then I cut the veg into similar sizes and placed them into a pan. A quick drizzle with a mix of olive oil and balsamic vinegar and a healthy sprinkling of salt. Then it’s just a swift pop into the oven and done.

Now a little time to chill. At this point I might read my mail, do a little puttering, or just sit down for a few minutes of breathing. After 10-15 minutes I gave the veg a peek. Not everything cooks at the same rate, so as things reached their individual gorgeous states I just removed them from the pan onto my plate and slid the pan back in for a few minutes more.

And that’s it. With little effort I am rewarded with caramelized vegetables, rich concentrated with flavor. Toss onto my plate some arugula leaves and a few slices of creamy goat cheese, then season with some of the remaining dressing and poof! Bob’s your Uncle! 

We all know that not every meal has to be a culinary feat, but there is no excuse not to eat deliciously and beautifully- especially when it’s this easy.

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Edamame Aspragus Spring Salad: Veggie Inspiration
03/22/16 by
Edamame Asparagus Grain Salad- A Healthy Hunger

This salad is so chocked full of texture from edamame, asparagus, sweet crunchy snap peas. It’s then brightened with fresh flavor from mint, parsley and a lemony dressing, it will blow your mind. It’s officially Spring and things are popping around here.

Making these melange vegetable and grain salad is such a great and easy way to get healthy food into your belly easily. I used pre-cooked brown rice and pre-cooked edamame, both purchased from Trader Joes. Two seconds out of the freezer and I was halfway there. The only cooking involved was steaming the asparagus for 2 minutes, the rest is just chopping and tossing.

As some of you know, I’ve been working hard on a new diet pan. It’s full of fresh and light recipes that makes cleaning up your diet and trimming your waistline accessible and realistic with incredible taste. What I love about this plan (which I personally have been following for a few weeks now), is that it’s so satisfying to know that my next meal is already thought out for me and it’s going to be delicious. DELICIOUS! This means that it doesn’t feel like a diet, it feels like a relief. The bonus is greater vitality, a smoother running body and a scale that is finally my friend.

Spring Salad- A Healthy Hunger

I plan my meals 4 days in advance from the lists provided and then I put together a shopping list and calendar. I do a little Continue Reading

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An Ode To The Joy of a Quality Knife
03/17/16 by
My beloved knife and the joy of quality tools- A Healthy Hunger

What you are looking at here is a constant companion of mine for over (ahem) 30 years. Yep, this baby and I have been through a lot together. It was given to me by my Mother when I was in college, though I don’t think it was an intentional gift. In those days my family owned a restaurant and catering company on the East End of Long Island in Greenport. On occasion wayfaring types would appear outside the back door selling all sorts of things, quality knives being one of them. I believe my Mom bought it to save her a trip of 30 miles to buy me some other sort of birthday gift, but I was thrilled to have it. She also knew that a good knife is a worthwhile gift for someone who loves to cook. It made me feel like a cook, it made me take cooking seriously.


If you know anything about professional chefs, you know that they are religious about their tools. Wherever they go, their knives go with them. This one is an 8″ Chef’s Knife made by Ludwig Schiff with a wooden handle. They don’t really make the wooden handles anymore. You can see why from the photo. Over time the wood splinters and cracks, even with diligent care- which I practice, (always washed by hand, never left to soak, never left in the bottom of the sink, and never- EVER washed in the dishwasher). I love that about this knife though. Like the lines around my smiling eyes, it tells a tale of travels.

Continue Reading

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Crunchy Quinoa Granola
03/14/16 by
Quinoa Granola- A Healthy Hunger Looking for a better breakfast? This Crunchy Quinoa Granola is loaded with protein and fiber and moderate on the sugar. When I was a kid it was only hippies that ate granola. It was that groovy food that lived in mason jars in junk food free pantries. Earth mothers in peasant skirts with long hair down their backs made this concoction, and with Mona Lisa smiles, sprinkled these grains into bowls for their children’s breakfast. When I was a kid it was only hippies that ate granola. Click To Tweet Granola has evolved over the years. It’s still considered a health food, but it has hit the main stream. A lot of the commercial cereal companies have some version or two, which from my observation, are pretty far cries from the wholesome goodness of the old days, namely much too sweet. Quinoa Granola- A Healthy Hunger Continue Reading

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Purple Kale Chips: Veggie Inspiration
03/01/16 by
kalechip For this week’s veggie inspiration I’ve decided to feature a snack rather than a side dish. Have you heard? Kale is awesome! Silly me, of course you’ve heard, because kale is E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E! And it really rates up there as a superfood. It’s a truly power packed antioxidant rich veggie with a good source of iron and fiber. This purple variety is even more intense with an added boost of anthrocyanins (anti-0x) from the gorgeous color. As many of you may already know, Kale is not my favorite. Continue Reading

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Smokey and Sweet Acorn Squash: Veggie Inspiration
02/22/16 by
smokey sweet acorn squash- A Healthy Hunger My favorite way to prepare acorn squash was to load the halves up with butter and brown sugar and roast them for-EVER. The result was a candied luscious squash that was more like candy. Nothing wrong with that, except for the excessive sugar, calories, and time it took to make it to the plate. I’m sad to say that there have been a few squashes that have languished too long on my counter and/or fridge because I didn’t have the time or patience to wait for all that roasting. But now this.

Slicing Acorn Squash Ain’t Nothing Like Cutting up Butternut Squash

One of the greatest inventions of our time are precut vegetables, especially butternut squash. If you’ve ever peeled and sliced your own, you know that that baby has some tough skin and can give your biceps a workout- not to mention challenge your skills of balancing a roll-y orb on your cutting board. Acorn Squash does not have those issues. A thinner skin makes it easier to cut through, and those ridges aid in submitting your squash to dissection.  I will share a truth with you. I was suspect as to how good slicing the squashes would be compared to my long roasted half bowls- but holy crow! I am S-O-L-D! Wickedly delicious, much less of a calorie bomb, and all ready for the plate in 15 minutes.

Acorn Squash ready for the oven- A Healthy Hunger

What Makes Those Slices So Much Better

The earthy taste of squash dances so beautifully with the rich sweetness of brown sugar, but wait a minute- Continue Reading

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Slow Roasted Tomatoes with Mozzarella and Basil: Veggie Inspiration
02/15/16 by
Slow Roasted Tomatoes with parmesan and basil - A Healthy Hunger If you’re in the Northeast, like I am, you’ve been experiencing some pretty wicked cold temperatures lately. This time of year is perfect for roasting. The oven ticks and hums, creating luscious warm dishes and a house full of great smells, while the cold presses in vain against the windows. I am silly with delight during the summer when tomatoes are at their peak. Warm from the sun and smelling of earth, I am known to eat summer tomatoes over the sink with intermittent splashes of salt. Of course I also search for every opportunity to marry tomatoes, mayonnaise and toast. Simple gorgeous delights. However, at this point in the cold winter months, tomatoes are coming from faraway places and not the tender rich ripe fruit of the warmer days. Slow roasting is such a miraculous thing for the blander winter tomatoes. The roasting concentrates the flavor and turns meh into magic. Now who doesn’t love that?

The Love Apple

The tomato is indeed a fruit, not a vegetable, and to be even more precise, it’s a berry- but call it what you may, I adore the name love apple. Thought I’m not exactly sure of the origin, it’s hard to not hard to imagine a romantic dinner without tomatoes of some kind (I’m looking at you Lady and The Tramp). Though it might be given this moniker due to it’s heart friendly attributes. As a good source of lycopene, Vitamins C, A and E- all wonderful antioxidants- and a good source of fiber- tomatoes can keep that heart pumping and blood flowing through healthy veins.

The Magic of Slow Roasting

As I said before, slow roasting intensifies the flavors in tomatoes so beautifully, Continue Reading

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Skillet Carrots with Caraway and Garlic: Veggie Inspiration
02/08/16 by
Skillet Carrots with Caraway and Garlic - A Healthy Hunger Other than in carrot cake, who likes mushy carrots? Though carrots are sweetened by cooking, the “mush” has never been a desirable thing for me. Raw carrots are great for snacking, or when dieting to get a satisfying crunch into your day, but not when it comes to a side dish at dinner.  

Bugs Bunny Was a Wise Wasclely Wabbit

I’m sure it’s not a revelation that carrots are great for your eyesight. Betacarotene is your eyes best pal. Not for improving your ability to read the newspaper, but for the ability to process the light coming through the eye. Having trouble with night vision? Carrots can be a help. But there is more to this common root vegetable. The orange color, or yellow, purple or white, is a source of phytonutrients, another excellent antioxidant. Recent research has suggested that eating carrots may also lower colon cancer risk. I’ve not read the research, but I can get behind the fact that carrots are also an excellent source of fiber, and the complex of antioxidants would surely make any colon happy.glazingcarrots

The Secret To Crisp Tender

Carrots are a dense vegetable which can take hard cooking like Continue Reading

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